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Internet slow adsl

Hi everyone


Let me start off by saying we have a 10mbps adsl in the Northen Cape.Yesterday morning our power went off and then on again and  the internet light on the router was red.I reset the router and set it up again and we went back online but our internet was very unstable.it went from 42ping to 129  and the servers jumped and the speed test would go from 2.9mbps to 8.22 in a matter of minutes.I spoke to a few agents.the ports were recreated twice ,a fault was logged  ,a tech called to say nothing was wrong at the exchange. then our speed tests were good 9.5mbps average download but our uploads always bad at average 0.5mbps and ping average 39.wich is ideal buttt Regardless the speedtests so good  our webpages still take long to load our games have lag and connection stutters.on diffrent devices tested one at a time.Although speed test still good.Bought a different router because we thought maby its the router that is damaged but still no luck.Any one have any idea??

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