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Internet speed

 I did report my Telkom intern a few times before for my internet speed. Telkom technician was here and did a speed test on the line. I paid for a 10 Mbps and when I do a test my speed test shown anything from 4.5 to 6.80. I mean if you pay for 10 Mbps then you must get what you pay for. If you receive 6.8 and 7 then you can pay for 8 Mbps instead of 10 Mbps. Telkom must come to and fix my internet at least I want a max round about 9 for the 10 Mbps I paid for that is fair. Telkom must sort this problem out even if they had to come and replays all the old wires from them to get it to fix. I want the value for what I paid every month. When I must pay my bill than Telkom want their money and if I said I'm just going to pay for the services I received from them they going to cut my services and going to say I am in an arrear with my bill but they want me to pay for a services that I don't get in full from them. Telkom delivers a service to the public and I don't want to go to other internet services so Telkom must come and fix my problem and let me enjoy for what I'm paying for.

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