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Into the fourth month and still not fixed

I've made numerous calls to the support centre, even having requested to speak to supervisors, still not fixed. Even had one which said he would phone back in fifteen minutes, still waiting.


I raised the initial query with support on the 22/2/2018 number 1961499 was provided.

Following this with various communications back and forth with various mails or phone calls, I’ve also been given the following fault report numbers:

1964523 (22/2/18), 1984980 (28/02/18), 20017068 (12/3/18), 2951365 (16/3/18), 2952783 (16/03/18), 2120970 (25 April), . and the list goes on, half of them I've no longer bothered to even take note of (I think the last number I got is 23275207) . I've spoken to agents that say they are aware of what the problem is, but the problem has still not been fixed. Another one told me that the server, which is where the problem is, is operated by another company and they have to request them to fix the problem, who knows, the next mail I get is thaat it has been escalated to tier 2 and now tier 3, regardless of where it goes, my problem is still not fixed.


The best part is that I get somebody phoning me every week wanting me to upgrade to fibre, and I say there is no chance, if they are not going to fix my problem, they dutifully take the above numbers saying that they will escalate it, nothing happens, I get a different sales agent the following week phoning, and repeat the cycle.

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Re: Into the fourth month and still not fixed

Sounds like my problem and I've applied for a new account. I wish telkom would be more open and actually communicate what is actually going wrong where ..rather then leave us chase our tails
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