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Invoiced for cancelledaccount



I cancelled by ADSL line account (435208720001) in December 2015 going to the Telkom Direct store in Johannesburg CBD.  I cancelled my account because there was an issue with the ADSL line speed in my area ( I changed from 2Mbps to 4Mbps the previous month and it didn't help), I signed up for SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless (334744627)  in December also.  That month I made a double payment to Telkom (for the ADSL and LTE products). 


I did not receive invoices in January 16 and February  16 for the ADSL account and the account was removed from the Home & Business Accounts section on MyTelkom. The only account reflected on MyTelkom in January 16 was the LTE account under Personal Accounts.


Yesterday I received an invoice for the ADSL account with a bill with total charges of 3 months. I went to the Telkom Direct (Joburg CBD) and also called 10210 to try to find out what is happening and all they can tell me is that the account shows active on their system. This does not make sense to me, as I haven't received invoices for two months. I asked them to check why I didn't receive the invoices for Jan 16 and Feb 16, and they are unable to assist. 


If I had received my January invoice I would have followed up on this matter at that time, but I didn't receive any invoices and my account was removed from MyTelkom. There was no indication that the ADSL account was still active until I received the invoice yesterday. 


If someone from Telkom can check why the ADSL account was reactived I would greatly appreciate it. 


If Telkom is reading this, please don't cancel the Telkom Mobile account. I'm currently using and paying for the LTE account.

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