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Is Telkom coverage map inaccurate?

Although on the coverage map my address indicates that I should be able to get 20MB/s but the maximum I can get is up to 4MB/s, is the coverage map incorrect?

My signal to noise ratio is good and am only approximately 3Km from the exchange.

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Re: Is Telkom coverage map inaccurate?

Hi @Lennonf - you need to read all of these stats together.  SNR is great, but at 3 km from the exchange you will have some serious attentuation issues and you won't get anywhere close to the 20 Mbps.  The rates are as below in Mbits per second... as obtained elsewhere.  You should be somewhere between 41 and 56 db in terms of attentuation?


The following guide (distance vs. attenuation vs speed) gives you an guestimate what you can achieve:
<1km should be 23-24Mbit (nice speed, but doesn't it bug you that Telkom people walk through your bedroom?)
1.0km = 13.81dB = 23Mbit
1.5km = 20.7dB = 21Mbit
2.0km = 27.6dB = 18Mbit
2.5km = 34.5dB = 13Mbit
3.0km = 41.4dB = 8Mbit
3.5km = 48.3dB = 6Mbit
4.0km = 56dB = 4Mbit
4.5km = 62.1dB = 3Mbit
5.0km = 69dB = 2Mbit
>5.0km (you are pretty much poked --- sorry for you)

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