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Is there any real way to get a fault resolved?

It appears that there is 0 escalation in Telkom, just a whole lot of poor technicians, chat people, and service call people, that cannot get any results.


I have had problems with my phone line at home since 22-08-16 13:32, calls have been closed even though I have replied to the SMSs that the problem was not solved, and now I have no ADSL line. I can live without a voice line but ADSL is crucial for me. And I have no way to escalte the call. I call Telkom, they tell me a technician is allocated to the issue, I contact them via chat same thing. Is there only one technicain and he is on leave?


Here is a short history of faults logged: 478CWK220816,243CWK090916,487CWK280916,249CWK121016


Current logged reference: 256CWK281016.


I feel totally out of control, how can we get these faults really resolved. Must we start a campaing #TelkomMustFall and burn telkom vans to get heard? Any suggestion apprecaited since we are desperate now. 





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Re: Is there any real way to get a fault resolved?

Hi @GoUsByTheSnC - it is clear that you are not having a lot of fun with this.  I have found in the past that harassing Telkom on every single forum available seems to help so I would shoot for Twitter, FB, call desk and chat all in the same space for a few days ...


Of course there are also the kind moderators on this forum @SOC@NC and @CO that often intervene by directing things to the right teams.  This forum is only really intended for peer 2 peer support, so if you can share more info with us we might be able to help - however your issue sounds like a service completely not working one so we are likely not going to be able to assist.

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Re: Is there any real way to get a fault resolved?

Thanks for the reply, just used the forum out of desperation. Have logged a call at the ISP and via Telkom, contact them twice a day and nothing. I feels like they are really understaffed. Perhaps the executive should reduce their salary by half and hire more people Smiley Happy.


Will try FB route, just so fustrating.

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Re: Is there any real way to get a fault resolved?

Send a tweet to @hellotelkom

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Re: Is there any real way to get a fault resolved?

Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving, often applied to repair failed products or processes on a machine or a system KrogerFeedback.

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