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Issues reguarding current telkom.

I feel we all start these blog etc to help people out. Well im starting this one for people to raise there voice and kinda help telkom see whats actually going on out there and how the paying customer feels about ... well anything and everything telkom. From customer service all they way to the raging "pay but getting half the service"

This is where i believe boath side can win. You can complain but at the same time mabe learn also as not all people understand how telkom works and what there plan is but also for telkom to understand what there currently doing and how that makes there customers feel. Win win right. Well here we go. Speak your mind.
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Re: Issues reguarding current telkom.

My issue with telkom is that you keep complaining about something but no change. For example ever since this ASSIA I'm having high latency. Now I asked Telkom all the time and they change it back to fast path in a hour or less. Now today I asked them again and it's been since 15:00 and no answer from them and they do nothing to fix my line. I think they hide behind covers and don't give a rats A** about customer service. I guess it's because they don't have toworry about customers moving to other services cause there is almost nothing. 


I was completely happy before they implemented the ASSIA on our exchange. My line was syncing at 4mb stable and ping was very low but now it's so high I can feel the hit detection and so on is much worse online. It's hard to describe but I find this pathetic. Although my line speed is better and more stable the latency for me as a gamer comes before speed. I would rather have a 2mb/s line with a 10 ping than a 4mb with a 40 ping.


I'm just glad we moved to Neotel Fibre at work for not that much more for what you get. With neotel we get 900GB softcap(half line speed) 5mb up 5mb down unshaped line. In the 3 months we never had a single issue and latency is amazing and so is the speed. We sometimes get faster than 5mb/s speed and that's amazing. I don't think we will ever go back to Telkom unless we forced to do so. 


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Re: Issues reguarding current telkom.

Now there we go firts valid complain and point with mabe a solution. Thank you for that and i agree. I also do allot of online gaming and the worst part is for a gamer to look in to entering DGl how do they expect us to do so with unstable net if you have net at all.

But i feel that allot of people will agree with what you said and raissed. Sinse the ASSIA its been bad and couple that with a over flood at switch board aby customer care (please people i know, i rage also but they can only help one at a time and if it was you you would like them to help you down to the last issue. So they do "at times" do the best they can) i believe allot of people feel its a move in the wrong directin.

I feel they should rather do a propper check on what the most stable would be for the customers need then just pushing for money. That way the customer gets a honest and helpfull idea of what to expect. If they cant do that i feel they have to get up and keep to there promisses. Maintain rather then just becomming another issue in our country.

But yet again. Thank you for the comment. Feel free to raise up mosre issues or solutions.
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