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Landline Ceased, No Internet, No Service

Can anyone please assist with my query as Telkom seems to be doing a super bad job at helping me out.  


I have been without ADSL connectivity since friday 24/5/19 - so i thought okay Telkom must be down, only to find out to my shock and horror that my landline apparently is cancelled and "Ceased".  I did not action any form of cancellation and when calling into 10210 option 3 move line queries the guy told me yes this is normal for a move line query and landline will cease when successfully moved and motivated an upgrade to wireless.  Okay so none of this was explained to me, i did not authorise my landline to be cancelled and now im being billed for the full service when i only have half working. 


Then i called 10210 yet again and was advised to again upgrade to wireless - sure after asking all i needed to, i accepted, 20 minutes later i was told sorry my system is slow, i will call you back.  hours later no one called me back so i called into 10210 again only to be advised okay we can reactivate your line but it will take 7-14 days, got reference number end call.   Reference number is not reflecting under my orders and when looking it up, the reference number is totally old (like 2012 old) - so back to square one.


Here i am monday - no internet, being billed in full, no call back from 10210, no answer on the lines ABSOLUTLEY nothing.


What on earth can be done as it feels like i hit a brick wall?? 

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Re: Landline Ceased, No Internet, No Service

Same happend to me and no feedback from telkom
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Re: Landline Ceased, No Internet, No Service

Same happened to me today its the 19 June 2019 nothing is happening
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