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Latest Telkom Adsl Upgrade HomeUnlimited

Good day,


Looking for someone that may help me with my issue mentioned below.


During August, I found out that Telkom would be migrating customers to their new HomeUnlimited plan.

I am currently using a Do Uncapped 2mbps plan and have not been migrated to the 4mbps package as yet?

I found an article on MyBroadBand stating the upgrade would take place end August 2017.

To this day this has still not happened.

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Re: Latest Telkom Adsl Upgrade HomeUnlimited

I also waiting for an answer and the call centre agents does not know anything
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Re: Latest Telkom Adsl Upgrade HomeUnlimited

Join the club, I think we are all waiting to know what happened to the mysteriously vanishing upgrade....

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Re: Latest Telkom Adsl Upgrade HomeUnlimited

hi everyone. i was told that the upgrades should be done within two months of the initial rollout. just remember, if the cable length is too afr from the exchange, yu might not be able to upgrade.

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