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Line Relocation

Good Day


I logged an order on 24-11-2017 for the relocation of my line in the same area of the previous address. I am without any Telkom service for longer than 2 months and the customer care lines waiting time is about +30 minutes before getting hold of an operator. And without a Telkom line, it becomes quite expensive to call the customer care line to follow up on the order. 


My Ref No for the order is 187439347A.


Is there any process that I can follow to get better support from Telkom?





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Re: Line Relocation

Hi @nevb100,


Sorry to hear you’ve had such a long wait - all the more  frustrating without feedback re progress.


Unfortunately the community can’t help with service issues (we’re customers like you), but it may help to post your order ref with details & dates on one of Telkom social media channels - their dedicated support teams are good and can usually escalate and/or send you more useful feedback


Facebook: TelkomZA
Twitter:   @telkomza


You can also track your order online here :


Hope this helps, good luck .

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