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Line down as often as it is up

Why is Telkom struggling to maintain a constant service to our home in Centurion?  The common excuse is that our lines have been stolen.  My argument is that after the fourth time in two months the thinking person looks for a new solution. Clearly it is far to easy to steal these cables.  Investigate,  it may even be an inside job?  Or maybe the box is faulty or equipment sub standard. 


Surely there must be an alternative to just simply replacing what was stolen or broken. It is very frustrating to constantly be struggling with with this silly problem.  We are all paying each and every month for a service that MIGHT be rendered. 


Find a solution - NOT an Excuse! !

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Re: Line down as often as it is up

Hi @Dreama


This is not a service channel but rather a peer 2 peer support channel. 

Should you wish to speak to Telkom, we have a few option to suit your needs.

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