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Line down for 10 days

Good day,

Ref No. 261CRK221115  (unfortunately only logged on 22 November)

Escalation no. 787217 (Not sure what this is for, was done on Tuesday (24 November)

Twitter Telkomsa (been sending messages there and getting replies)


10210….Been calling every day since Monday (23 November) Average time on hold 15 min. Get to the operator and then we discuss a few things and then is it made clear it was sent to the technicians but no one has been assigned.


The phone line went down on Friday 20 November as it has doen many times before. We decided to not log a call just yet as it usually recovers by itself in an hour or two. We were out of hom till Sunday afternoon and the problem persisted.


The line is dead at the device, the router also does not pick up the ADSL line. Telkom confirmed that the line does not sync at the exchange and Telkom has confirmed that the problem lies at the exchange.


The matter has been “escalated” and then the resolution time is 2-3 days maximum. Well it has been 8 days since the promised escalation.

Called this morning to see what is going on but after 17 minutes on hold the line went quiet. No more hold music and no more advertisements for the community.


Well it brought me here to the community were we might share our problems and were we might be able to help each other.out, because clearly we are being pushed to use alternative services than holding on the phone and speaking to a consultant.


Let’s see, hold thumbs maybe there is a member here that can assist.


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Re: Line down for 10 days

My line died just after 22h00 on the 19th of November. I've had the same experience. No movement from Telkom (the call has not even been assigned to a technician). I've had to buy expensive 3G bandwidth from Vodacom since I have some work obligations.

Telkom does not provide my ADSL bandwidth so, I feel like Telkom is costing me a whole bunch of money here, plus I'm unable to do online training and download paid for material - it requires a lot of bandwidth (Installing Visual Studio requires additional online downloads of several gigs) and paying vodacom for 10+ Gb will make anybody poor so I realy feel frustrated at the moment.

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Re: Line down for 10 days

Yes same here bought 3gb mobile data but that gets sucked up in a few days.

Just heard on twitter a technicians has been assigned.

Lets hope for best and good luck on your side

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Re: Line down for 10 days

Best of luck to you too!

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Re: Line down for 10 days

[ Edited ]

Hey @rikuwessels @Pieter


Social Media Networks for Telkom is giving great results on getting Success! (based on my own experience)



Telkom's live support chat is also a great place to get your fualts and problems attended to! 


if there is any other questions or thoughts you have the community is the best place for it as it is a fast paced growing Community of great people trying to assist each other!




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Re: Line down for 10 days

Thank you


I sent a PM to Charl at MBB and twitter



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Re: Line down for 10 days

Thanks, I'll definitely try it. Tweeted them yesterday as well & will move over to MyBB if I don't get results. @rikuwessels did you get sorted?
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Re: Line down for 10 days

Not yet.


Twitter told me again last night "technician was assigned"  for the second time.

the call hasnt been updated at Telkom fault area.


Friday will be 2 weeks. But we hope it is sorted before then

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Re: Line down for 10 days

Have a similar problem. Only reported on 19 Nov 2015- 143CTZ191115.

Escalated the problem as it affecting business. 

I was called to ask if problem resolved. It was not.


Now they say that there is a 2nd fault. So they need to reassign a technician to solve the problem.

Begs the question: how many Telkom technicians does it take to resolve 1 telephone line down.

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Re: Line down for 10 days

I have an uncapped Telkom subscription. Lightning damaged my router on 19 Nov, I bought a new one but have not been able to connect. Spoke to consultants at least 2x a day "we are experiencing large call volumes", received sms's that my line was tested and restored, to which I replied "no". No reaction. Faults logged, technicians sent out, incurred cost to download crucial data.   We are going for 2 weeks now.


During December last year the same thing happened, 3 weeks off with much discomfort to all. I managed to get the credit through last month, 11 months after the downtime! 


I am not technologically impaired but need help urgently. 







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