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Line entry point not found

Hi All


I've left this comment on mybb as well but haven't really generated much traction and life gets more frustrating by the day without internet.


I ordered 100mbps fibre from Telkom at the beginning of May 2016. Telkom fibre technicians arrived at my house on Thursday 26 May to install the fibre and activate the line (I was impressed with the turn around time). The house is only 5 years old and lies inside a security estate in Plattekloof 4, the estate was built with telecoms in mind and is well ducted. The two technicians couldn't pull the fibre into the house because they said they could not find where in the estate my existing copper enters the house (neighbours of mine installed their fibre with out a sweat, also through Telkom). At this point I thought these techs weren't familiar with my estate, and discovered they were from Milnerton and Bellville side - which didn't help at all.


I find it strange that installers don't arrive more prepared - regarding street layout. Underground networks/trunking should be well mapped out by Telkom given that they are the ones who decide all cables should run underground in these new areas. The technicians then told me that my order would be handed over to "contractors". It's been 10 calendar days since I was told this. I don't have internet and it's becoming extremely frustrating since I was also advised to cancel my copper. 


It's impossible as a consumer to try and contact any contractors since they don't operate within the Telkom call centres. If digging needs to be done then I'll do it myself but don't leave my house and not tell me where I need to dig. I'm not waiting for 3 more weeks for someone to come and dig a 5 meter trench from the man hole outside (there's a coil of fibre in there for my house, so I assume). I've also submitted a ticket to a barely literate call center agent (865690 should give you enough to pull up my whole situation otherwise 083 456 5452), and re-requested a technician to my premises in a hope to raise red flags. 


Please could someone from Telkom with a reasonable understanding of my description above resolve this for me. I would like to have internet by the end of next week (I've already waited over a month, so there's really no more excuses). 

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Re: Line entry point not found

Hi @ares7743, The Community is not a service channel rather it is for Peer 2 peer support. If you could provide an order number, I could direct this query to a team that could advise further.

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Re: Line entry point not found

Thanks NC. I've received a message from the social network team on my broadband. I'll resolve the matter there.

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