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Line installation

I have received Horrible service from Telkom regarding my application for a fibre fixed line to be installed. I applied in store on the 16th of August and was told that I would receive feedback for my installation within 7 to 21 working days, I did not receive any feedback in this time.


I phoned Telkom to find out what the delay was an I was told that service delivery would be on the 29th of September, but I had still not received any notification or feedback regarding my order.

I phoned again on Friday 6 October and was told that my account was placed on hold because access was denied to the premises. This is not true as I was not notified of anyone coming out to do the installation. I spoke to the body corporate and was assured that they would grant access if the applicable person was contacted to be available to open for them. I was advised that a note would be placed on the system for my account to be taken off hold and that I would be contacted during Friday or Saturday to schedule a date for my installation. This did not happen and I have still not received any feedback. I spoke to the supervisor of one of the consultants on the 10th of October and was instructed to email all my details of the order to her. she promised that she would personally get to the bottom of the delay but after sending countless emails  requesting some sort of feedback  I still have not heard a single word from Telkom regarding my order I have not been contacted by anyone and when I phone them they are unable to really tell me why the installation has not been done yet or why it cant be done immediately.


I am fed up and in shock of how horrible Telkom and their services truly are.


I do not understand why my account is still placed on hold as there seems to be no problem only that the technician has failed to contact me within a reasonable time frame.

I would very much appreciate your assistance to get my order installed as soon as possible.

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Re: Line installation

Hi @Nandi92, thanks for your query and I understand the frustration. You are eager to get online with your shinny new fibre connection. I do have to remind you however, that our Community is not a service channel but rather a peer 2 peer support forum. Please reach out to our service channel via Facebook or Twitter.



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