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Line sync at 2.5mb not at 4mb, constant line drops

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Good Day,


I am looking to speak to a senior or supervisor at Telkom with regards to an issue I am having with my internet line, I have logged 5 calls with Telkom over the last 2 months, the calls keep getting closed but the issue is still persisting. My 4mb adsl line is supposed to be synced at 4mb (4012) on the exchange, however it at the moment is only syncing at 2.5 (2555), this is very frustrating as I’m paying and have been paying/using my 4mb for over a year and a half now, but now all of a sudden there is an issue, and no one at Telkom is assisting me with getting the issue resolved, I have spent hours and hours on the phone with Telkom technicians, explaining what’s going on, I have asked numerous times for a supervisor, but there is never ever one available to assist me.


 I have put the ref numbers below along with my details, please can someone get in touch with me to assist me.


Ehren Schmidt




Call Ref numbers


Closed - 609crk250216

Closed - 512crk110216

Closed – 302brk250116

Closed – 76brk030216

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Re: Line sync at 2.5mb not at 4mb, constant line drops

Same problem.....

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Re: Line sync at 2.5mb not at 4mb, constant line drops

I've got the exact same problem and nothing is being attended to. It's frustrating and upsetting as I have to work from home via VPN and the line drops regularly. I don't think we'll ever get assistance with this. 

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Re: Line sync at 2.5mb not at 4mb, constant line drops

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Phone this number so they can investigate further. Had a problem myself with no voice but they just close faults. Then I called +27(0)12 642 1711 and they escelated it for me even further and got me sorted. Even the ops manager went to my place to come and have a look and i bet you the techie is in a lot of trouble for just closing faults. 


So now that I had a proper guy to look at my line it's much better so far but they only fixed it today so will have to see what it does in the rain and after some time. 


Trust me call that number it will make your life easier but be reasonable and don't rage at them and they will help you. Now that I know how to handle faults not getting resolved I can rest assured that next time I know what to do. The only thing is you can't phone them directly when you have issues only when something like this happens where they close faults without resolving it. 

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