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Mmultiple ADSL Lines

I have 2 Telkom ADSL Lines at 2 diffefent locations. One is an 031 number and the other an 036 number. The 036 number has a 10meg 100 gig limit contract and the 031 number has a 10meg unlimited contract. The 2 lines are never used simultaneously. The 036 line and contract was installed about a year ago and the 031 contract just recently. When I was last at the 036 number about 1 month ago it was working correctly. When returned to the 036 number 3 days ago about I could not get it to connect. I had brought the modem from the 031 number with me and that connected correctly to the package associated with the 031 number. After a while this started dropping its link and could get it to reconnect by doing a reconfig. It ran correctly through the night but dropped the link again this morning. I then configured the modem I had been using on the 036 line to the 031 isp settings. It conected correctly and seems to be holding its connection. The 2 bundled contracts I have for line, ADSL and isp are to be charged t a single account. It seems to me that there is confusion on the isp side around having two packages.

Question is do I actually need 2 isp packages. Telkom said that I do when I took out the second contract.

Also if I do need 2 isp packages how do I go about getting both to work. They have the same user names but different passwords. Initially poth user names and passwords supplied by Telkom on registration.

If you can point me at somebody at Telkom who can solve these problems and not just a call centre who have no sensible idea of what is going on I would appreciate it. Incidentally the 031 contract was ordered on 21 September 2017 and finall activated on 19 April 2018.

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Re: Mmultiple ADSL Lines

Hi @dhammmond


I had similar connection issues upgrading from adsl to fibre on a single line contract upgrade. It can take a while after new activation for Telkom system to update changes between their departments - my TIN, user name & password were also changed in the process. 


10210 tech agents helped me reconnect with router resets, new passwords etc. (early 8 am call was best) . But I’m guessing the new 031 package activated April on your main account may still be ‘in process’ in Telkom system - and/or the ‘new’ activation might have triggered a password change on your original 036 account.


Probably need 2 separate contracts as they'd be different expiry dates.


If both lines / packages are already confirmed activated, configured & verified,  try logging in to Telkom customer portal, or the app, & check if your account is correctly updated to reflect both packages. 


Then if you still can’t connect,  message the details to one of Telkom media support channels and/or email to support@telkom.co.za  . They respond well with decent feedback - my issues were fixed after that .


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:     @telkomza 


Good luck, hope this helps.

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Re: Mmultiple ADSL Lines

Thanks Kathy, I suspect that you are correct and the information is not
fully registered yet as this was given as a reason why I could not collect
my intigrated sim before I left Amanzimtoti area. It is not a great problem
at present as long as I can continue to use one or other of the contracts
at either location. I will probably leave following up until I get back to
Toti around month end. That is as long as I can keep working at this end.
Thanks again for your advice. Regards, Dave Hammond.
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Re: Mmultiple ADSL Lines

Hi Dave @dhammmond,


You're welcome, hope was helpful .


Oh, &  should mention the only thing they never fixed in my case . Various Telkom agents confirmed my Telkom email address and existng mail setup would migrate unchanged when the contract upgrade kicked in , but I retained only the email address with a blank new mailbox. Nothing  could be retrieved ; same thing happened to friends on a contract upgrade.  Not sure if this always happens but you should back up  mail records- specially if you use Telkom as primary mail.


Please keep us posted - cheers.

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