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Monitoring of P2P/NNTP data usage?



So I finally got my SIM activated for the Uncapped LTE, and I thought I would be able to find a monitoring portal somewhere since Telkom states that P2P and NNTP traffic will be throttled down after reaching a 50GB cap for that traffic. It would obviously be helpful to know how much of that cap one has used so as to better manage it, and also to determine what Telkom sees as P2P and NNTP.


So I would like to know from those who have been using this service for a few months if there is portal or something which Telkom provides to track that usage... and even overall usage for that matter. 

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Re: Monitoring of P2P/NNTP data usage?

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@Maik I am not aware of any tracking tool that Telkom has besides the TiTracker - and that only gives overall usage. Not enough details.


Windows10 on PC and Mobile Phones (available on mobile insider preview) gives detailed app-by-app usage - under Settings | Network | Data Usage | Usage Details - for each device. If you have more than one device connecting you will have to sum up the usage. If you use a Download Manager software then your P2P usage will show under the app, and streaming will appear under whichever browser you use, etc.



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