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Moving from Openserve to Vumatel with Telkom as ISP

Hello Community


Whats the process and recommended advice please on the following: I'm curently on Openserve fibre through telkom ISP, however now moving to an area covered by Vumatel. Vumatel package is offered on Telkom webiste so assuming their is some co-sell partnership between the two to.


What would be the best way to do this. I'm still early into contract so trying to avoid cancelling Telkom and taking new contract with Vumatel which seems counterintuitive since Telkom is offering a Vumtel on Telkom package on their website.



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Re: Moving from Openserve to Vumatel with Telkom as ISP

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The best thing to do is to contact the support and ask them cause they surely know better than us
They gon tell you about the process
Cause I already had a similar thing and they were the best to help me about it 



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