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Moving from adsl to Fibre



I recently moved my line when I moved houses. I currently have a 4 MB line and I want to upgrade to fibre. The previous owners of the house did have fibre so I know that fibre is available. I just want to know how the process works.


Does a technician have to be dispatched?

- or is it the same as increasing ADSL line speed. (over the phone)


Do I need a new router?


How long does the process take?


If anyone has the smallest info it will be appreciated.

Thank you



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Re: Moving from adsl to Fibre

Update for anyone that has had the same problem:


When you upgrade to fibre they have to dispatch people to first inspect where they can install the line( Took 2 Months). You need a new router for Fibre, but they deliver within 5 working days(Telkom). When they have done the inspection they first report back to head office, once the job card is approved they will call you to make an appointment(2 months).  The day they come to install it takes about 1 -2 hours, the new router is connected and you are good to go. The entire process for me took 6 months this might be different for someone else depending on certain factors. This was all done by Vumtel so if anyone is considering this you have to be patient.


Throughout the entire process, I did not follow up or recontact anyone, because it causes confusion on their side so I rather said nothing before they cancel something.


Then on the subject of fibre through Vumtel with Telkom, I have had no line issues in the last 6 months very happy with the internet. The service isn't that great, but we all know that.




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Re: Moving from adsl to Fibre

I had fibre installed quite some time ago (two - three months).  According to the initial conversation with Telkom, a person would have called me just after fibre installation but to date I have not heard a word, despite having sent Telkom to emails already.  I also have a Telkom landline which I would like to keep if possible.

What else should I do to get Telkom to finalise the ADSL to fibre process?

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Re: Moving from adsl to Fibre

I have had fibre installed ago, about two to three months ago.  According to the initial telecon with Telkom, they would have contacted me once the fibre is installed.  To date I have not heard anything from Telkom despite my having sent towo emails to them.  I also have a Telkom landline that I would like to continue utilising.

Please advise what I should do to finalise the transfer from ADSL to fibre?

Thank you.

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