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My ADSL Conundrum

Good day everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Unfortunately I'm in a situation that just doesn't make sense to me so I'm wondering if someone could help.

The maximum supported ADSL speed for my area is 20Mbps, in fact my neighbors, literally the houses next door all support 20Mbps lines. Yesterday I got my Telkom landline installed and was told by numerous ISPs that the maximum ADSL speed for my landline is only 4Mbps. I then checked Telkom's coverage map and lo and behold, 4Mbps is all I can get even though the houses next door all support 20Mbps, even after checking each one of their individual addresses on the map.

Why is this? I was under the impression that 20Mbps is something I could get as well considering that everyone within a 25 meter radius can all get that speed. I also live less than 500 meters from the exchange so I don't understand why I can't obtain the speeds that others are obtaining around me.

Take note that this a freshly installed landline that does not have an ADSL line activated just yet. LTE and fibre is also not an option in my area.

Perhaps this is something so simple, I just haven't been able to come up with any sort of solution.

Thanks in advance to all of those that help.

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