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My ADSL and Telephone line's has been down since 22 July

All i have is two Reference numbers Fault ref. 29300197 and fault ref. 29366476. I called a telkom agent on the 23 for an update she said the Technician has ordered parts as the exchange is where the problem is. No update as to when the fault will be assigned to a Technician. Today the 29 July i ask for feedback, the telkom agent says she can't see any notes of parts ordered. So i ask phumeza if the agent lied to me last week, she says she can't say whether that's the case. She will make sure a technician will be assigned to my week old fault log call. I guest i'll keep logging faults for my ADSL and Landline which is offline's. i am going to pay a telkom of a month but i am without internet for a week now. Efraim

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Re: My ADSL and Telephone line's has been down since 22 July

Please check this post on How to Get Help

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