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Network Issue In KwaNdengezi Pitoli

Since I've started using Telkom in 2016 never had reception problems till recently when the network just goes to Edge and attempt to roam. There has been a network Tower nearby which I don't know what it's for. But where I'm located there has always been 4g connection. Please look into this and contact me if you require my exact information of my residence
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Re: Network Issue In KwaNdengezi Pitoli

Hi @Celoh86


We’re Telkom customers like you in this forum (no Telkom support agents here) - service issues are only attended at their support channels :-



If you can’t get help from call centres send a detailed message with your refs to a Telkom media support team - usually best for good response & results (and/or email them) :-


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:    @telkomza

email :    support@telkom.co.za


Hope this helps, good luck.

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