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New Fibre Package

Purchased a fibre package end Aug 2019. Modem was installed on 21/09/2019 and internet worked until 22/09/2019. tried logging several calls with technical and sales support with no luck since 23/09/2019 with no response. Apparently the order was cancelled on its own and no one can provide a solution. Worst service and customer experience ever.
Spoke to Mohammed on 25/09/2019 - Reference S 336507 (8:43 am)
Called back to follow up , spoke to Xolani - I was told that the above mention reference does not exist and could not assist further.
Called again thinking I’d be lucky to have someone answer that would be able to assist. Spoke to Aksahay , still no luck.
Called on 26/09/2019 , with the hope of someone willing to assist - spoke to Nomfundo @ 9:09 am. Worst mistake ever. Still no call logged to fix problem and when asked what to do with the modem, I was told to hand it in at the nearest store. Why is this now my responsibility, surely you can send someone to collect it if Telkom feels my package should be cancelled 2 days after installation. In Addition to this, I assume that I’ll be billed for this month.

What is the possibilty of Telkom returning my call and willing to fix the problem 

Does anyone know what the process to cancel this whole package and the cost involved - I notice other service providers with cheaper rates. 

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Re: New Fibre Package

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So sine the new contract/order was cancelled by Telkom , I confirmed the cancellation - ref 374720839. Telkom arranging to collect their devices. 

Now just need to know when the battle of billing begins... 

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Re: New Fibre Package

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