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New Telkom line


I have not had any reliable internet for almost 6 years now (Always moving to places without connectivity). Finally we found a place with a telkom landline Smiley Happy 

As we are moving at the end of October I would like to see if I can arrange everything without too many issues, the problem is that I am not sure how the whole process works, hopefully you guys can forgive my ignorance Smiley Happy 

As stated, the person currently living there does have a active DSL connection (So the plugs etc is definitely working). Would I have to fill out a new application to transfer the line and if so, would Telkom still have to send out a technician etc or would it just be admin? (I saw that there is a line installation fee, but would that still be applicable if there is a line?) 

Thank you for bearing with me Smiley Happy 


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Re: New Telkom line

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Hi @JakkalsM


New application form can be completed with a change of ownership request:



Documents required:

  • Outgoing customer to indicate on signed letter acknowledging the take over and date of take over together with contact details and ID
  • Incoming customer to complete form above form together with copy of ID and signed letter



  • No installation fee, but there will be a change of ownership fee R394.51
  • No technician required as the service is taken over as is (just a name change and account number change is done)
  • Once thn the ne service is iew owner’s name, they can adjust the package to suit their needs
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