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Nightmare on ADSL

Hi There


I have two nightmares haunting me now, my ADSL stopped working and while trying to rectify the issue with my ISP, i found the iam one of the arnomallies described in CrystalWeb/Evonet Saga. My line seems to be in holding area in suspended state. My ISP cannot  take it over because of an error on Telkoms end. The error states that i am not the owner of my number. Technical staff at telkom cannot help because they believe its Sales/accounts issue. Sales/Accounts tells me i must get the ADSL/Internet service from Telkom then my service will be restored quickly.


While the sales people suggestion seems quickest solution, i am not keen as that would give more nightmares with telkom. Is there anything else i can do to get the ADSL line working without taking up a service from telkom.

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Re: Nightmare on ADSL

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