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No Internet, DSL light on and Internet provider 100% no Problems

Hi Gents/Ladies


I'm not going to write my whole soppy story of how furious I got with Telkom and all that stuff.

I just seriously need to get this **bleep** problem fixed. So I really hope soemone can help me!


When I connect my router, my internet light is red, but the DSL light is stable and green/yellow. When I reset my router, the Internet light doesnt even come on. BUT, when I log into my Netgear Router, insert my Axxess account details(Username and password) at the basic settings, and click on apply, the internet light just goes red. So then I go to the ADSL settings, put in the details which Axxess gave me, click on apply, the screen just gives me a "sad face."


So I finally got a technition to come have a look at everything around here, and they said they can't find something wrong on any of the lines or boxes. So they got onto the phone with Telkom and Axxess, both companies running tests. Both not finding anything wrong! Axxess used my account details on their router, and everything worked perfectly. When I use the guest@openserve details and apply that, still nothing happening. Still RED internet light and no access to Telkom's website.


So after a long struggle we thought it might be the router or one of the cables. So I got a new router with its own cables etc. Plugged that in(and YES MY YELLOW CABLE IS CONNECTED TO MY PC), and exactly the same problem. No internet light. 


So I took my old Netgear router to a IT Centre to get it tested. They plugged in everything, inserted all my account details, and wallah! My account is working perfectly fine. So they told me that the problem must be with Telkom then. They also told me I should ask Telkom to do a Copper test...


Unfortanately the cocky lady in the Telkom office could not help me with that and told me to stop phoning Telkom... After 11 days with no Internet which I pay for, what do you expect me to do??? Esspecially when Telkom cuts you off when you accidently missed a payment, BOOM, you are cut off the very next day! I guess if I leave this problem in the air, I might just get a whole month for free with Telkom? Not just 1 GB like the offered me for the time it will take to solve the problem... 1GB really!


Sorry got carried away there. Still furious!


So no matter what test I do, no matter who they send. My internet just won't work. There is no problem with any of my payments. All of it is on date. My landline is working, but my internet not. The DSL line is stable green, but my internet light is red. My Axxess account is working 100%. 


So now I hope that someone out there will be able to help me, because I've given up hope with Telkom. If this is not fixed by tomorrow I'm cancelling my Telkom line and obviously will have to cancel my Axxess account as well. 


Oh and just for the record. Everytime I phoned Telkom, they made me reset my router and do the whole setup over.


Thank you in advance!


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