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No Internet, technicians just closing faults

I am so disappointed in the service I received from Telkom during the past week.

I was just informed again that the technician assigned to my fault cleared the fault without fixing the problem.

We have been without internet from 15 October 2016. Telkom said they fixed the problem on Thursday 20 October, but our current speed is between 0.6 and 0.8mb/s. I pay for a 10mb/s line.


I just get empty promises about the fault being escalated, and contacting a manager, but nothing happens, and then I learn that the fault has been cleared without any correspondence with me.


Where can I go where someone is actually going to try to resolve this problem?

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Re: No Internet, technicians just closing faults

@Lydiam report your service to the Social Media team on Facebook (telkomza) and Twitter (@hellotelkom). I have had good service from them in the past.

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