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No Joy with moving my line !!!!!

I write this a frustrated customer , and i have no idea why i should continue to use your services .
On the 29th of July i called in to request a relocation of my ADSL wifi line from one address to another. I  had previously on the 5th of July placed the same order , however i cancelled it with technical when they called me to send a technician out as i had not finalized my accommodation and move.
On the 29th , the consultant informed me she will place this order and i would receive a call from technical to confirm this. Nothing happened and on the 2nd of Aug i called in again and spoke to Minenhle , who then informed me that my previous order (5 July ) had not been cancelled on some side or the other , hence my new order (29 July ) could not be processed until this order was cancelled.
She advised that she had placed the request to cancel the order and i should call on Monday the 5th of Aug to place the new order.
On the 5th i called and to my surprise  no cancellation of my previous order was actioned ( call ref 368800655). the gentleman i spoke to then advised that he has put this through and i should call AGAIN in 24 hours to place the new relocation order. 
24 hours have passed and i have spoken to 3 different consultants on the 10210 and 10213 lines and all of them can not help me as " you are experiencing high call volumes " and a call back request will be placed - What does this mean? that you have to many calls hence you can not assist clients? on top of that only the third agent Siyabonga advised that this call back will take 24 hours
Are you kidding me?? not only do i have to contact you for something that was your error and incompetence , but i have to wait 7 days to be told that you will call me back in 24 hours.???
I pay my bill on time each month and yet i am made to wait like i owe Telkom money . all i want is my service relocation is this too much to ask? If so please direct me to you nearest contract cancellations department as i will not commit to a contract were i do not get any service .
Please may you get someone to sort this out with in 24 hours , as this will leave a bitter taste in my mouth , and i do not think i will want to continue with your services .
 Now its been 7 days from the 8th of Aug ,and i was promised someone would call and advise - No has
I  have spoken to 7 agents Minihle , Siyabonga, Sharon, Shannon , Evelyn just tomention a few  and still no one at 'IT' HAS CANCELLED my original order or placed my new order . this is now going on to the 3rd week. WHAT DOES ONE HAVE TO DO TO GET ATTENTION ON MY QUERY  AND ACTUALLY HELP ME???????
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Re: No Joy with moving my line !!!!!

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Ohh man that's a problem. Customer services these days are not up to the standards. Everybody just needs money & then they forget how they need to serve you to keep you as a customer.

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Re: No Joy with moving my line !!!!!

I have checked the answer you have shared but it looks like promotion.

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