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and still

OK so I'm getting on average 3Mbs on my 10Mbs Line/Account. That in itself is not acceptable, but after logging a fault a few days ago and sending a reply email every day [Support #903746] and not getting any responce to date, is starting to get me wondering, does Telkom actually read the e-mails, do they even care about there customers. So my question to everyone is "HOW DO YOU GET TELKOM TO GET BACK TO YOU"?

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Re: No Respose / VERY SLOW ADSL

Hi Jamie,

Here is my complaint..... If EVER........ I could get 3mbps, I would be not only over the moon, but in another world......

NO...Telkom does not care and perhaps never will... Wonder what would happen if a telkom patient sits in my consulting rooms and I only treat their emergency a few days later.????????? Specially if there is acute pain involved.............

Just read my comment here.



In reply to jakalas82 complaint here. 

You are not the only one. For the past 5 years...... i have had this problem EVERYDAY. Telkom make me pay for a 4 meg line but my download speed is NEVER more than 0.5mbps and upload   0.34mbps


I have to phone telkom on almost a daily basis ( DEFFINATELY at least once per week for the past 4 years) to RE synchronise my line and then at best.... I get download of 0.5 and upload of 0.34.


I am a doctor and need to use my internet connection to monitor patients, send instructions etc and Telkom KNOWS this..... BUT    they do absolutely nothing about it Sending emails to their management has NO response. 

YET.... am am made to pay for the 4 meg line.

I have a history of the past two years where I reported my problem  ( including today's report 314 times)

The excuse is that I am far from the exchange. I understand that but....THAT is NOT my problem. Telkom is perhaps THE WORST service provider EVER......... Even in the most remote areas of the world..... their internet is so much faster..... We need a change in RSA or will forever remain    a third world country.....

Dr J Nethling

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