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No Service from Telkom since the 19th of November 2015

Well, I'm creating a new thread now since just asking somebody in another one for Charl's Username so that I can PM him (Telkom Rep on MyBB) is being blocked because it needs to be approved first and it doesn't look like anybody is going to do that any time soon.


My telephone line has been dead since the 19th. No ADSL, No voice. 


I'm pretty sure I've attempted almost all the avenues to get Telkom to fix it.

1) I've logged a call via the Telkom app

2) I've followed up

3) I’ve escalated the call (I called them a total of 3 times since the 19th so it cannot be said that I’ve spammed them)

4) I’ve messaged them on twitter

5) I’ve left a message on MyBB

6) I’ve left messages here, although I see that people are being told that this is not the platform to complain about Telkom’s services not working (Do you know that there is an article on MyBB about this community with the title “Here is where you can complain to Telkom about all your problems”?)



What’s going on Telkom?


Getting really frustrated since I have to working from home at the moment (3G is not cheap) and the money that I have to pay my service provider for ADSL bandwidth is also going down the drain.

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