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No and slow Internet Service

Good day,

Our ADSL line is not worning since Saturday night 15 October.

After many calls and complaints we were told is was fixed yesterday 20 October.

To our disappontment our internet speed is between 0.5mb/s and 0.86mb/s.

We have a contract for a 10mb/s line.

There must be a huge fault in our street, bacuase a lot of neighbors are complaining about lines not working. The log fualts receive a sms that all is clear when there still is no servive. I receicved a sms this morning that my fault 231CRK161016 was resolved, after I contacted Telkom about the speed.

Is someone actually going to resolve this?

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Re: No and slow Internet Service

hi. there are no telkom reps on this site. best advice i can offer is to reply NO to that sms. it will be escalated. just try to have them escalate your fault as ar as possible.

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Re: No and slow Internet Service

Just wondering. If there are no Telkom agents on the site, what is the point of the site for customers who dont receive service from telkom? My landline is down since May, so my MWEB adsl is blocked (including HelloPeter intevention)? regards

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Re: No and slow Internet Service

@winstonlawrence, the forum is for peer 2 peer support (ie. us members helping with common issues.)

Read -

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