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Re: No internet connection around 20:00 everyday

Hi is telkom ur isp. If yes log onto telkomsa.net and unlock your account. My sister had the same issue and found her isp account was locked at 7pm. So every night her Internet stopped at 7pm. For some reason it was activated on her account. 

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Re: No internet connection around 20:00 everyday

Hi @NC a tech called randomly on Saturday asking if my internet was still down. I gave him the whole schpiel and he declared that I should call if it happened again. It is happening right now and I am holding for Telkom. Jusk keeping you in the loop.

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Re: No internet connection around 20:00 everyday

I have been experiencing the same issue for 4 weeks already. I have called numerous times and everytime its a different excuse. between 8 and 10 pm i have no internet so to say, and the time is just getting earlier. today it was 19:30.

Its like i'm been treated like a idoit, I have been waiting for sms's to say my fault has been logged since my first complaint. Technicians apparently close faults without any actual fixing.


It seems like the call center have been trained in swallowing exceptions.


But i have done some digging of my own and found that this issue is only internet browsing ports 80 and 443 (or whatever the ssl port is).


So i have full access to my VPN and RDP'd into it while my internet was down to write this.

Would it make a difference if i went to a business package instead of home?  Or is there a solution to this issue?

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Re: No internet connection around 20:00 everyday

The problem has been better for a while (half an hour per week since end May) for most of June, but on the last fay of June and onward it has been back with a vengeance.


Tonight we have been offline for three hours already. Same behaviour as before, just earlier started at 7pm, and it is now 10:20pm and still going strong.


Last night a very helpful Tech got me online again. Not sure what she did but she was the first one to be able to resolve the issue via port recreate where others have failed. Tonight I have been unable to get a tech on the line.


@NC do you have a way for me to escalate this past the usual first tier that I can get a permanent solution? Last Saturday it was from 7-9 am as well.


It's getting a bit redonks I am afraid to say Smiley Sad

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