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No internet

Last week had a thunder storm. Im intenet knocked off. Put router on and off. Still no difference. Put it off for day . Still no difference. Called telkom reported fault. Technician came. Said he fixed fault . And that router needs to be replaced. Bought new router . Set it up. Still no internet. Called telkom again . Very dissapointed. This is a 2 meg uncapped line . Which im paying for but gt no internet. I bought a router . Its been 7 days no internet. Not cool. Im loosing nd loosing. Somebody please guide me on what i should do.cause if its not resolved by friday im considering leaving telkom.
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Re: No internet

@Fabianbegg, what router did you buy? Have you plugged in the POTS filters correctly? They are plugged into the jacks that the telephone instruments are plugged into. Is your DSL light still flashing, in other words, is your line not syncing? If so, a fault needs to be reported again.

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Re: No internet

Did you reconfigure your internet settings on the new router?

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