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No service from Telkom 5 MONTHS NOW

I have been having very slow internet and extremely high latency on both of my 10 meg ADSL lines for 5 Months now. I have logged  so many calls now that I have lost count. I log the calls with Telkom through the 10210 number and they say they see that there are errors on the exchange and on the lines. They then tell me the fault is with the Telkom Technician in Phalaborwa. The Telkom Technician in town closes them as resolved even though ithe issue is  not resolved. I phone Telkom back to inform them it is not resolved and they inform me I have to log a new fault as the last one has been cleared off the system by the technician. I have done this countless time now with no end in site for the last 5 months. I have signed on with 2 more ISPs and bought 2 extra high end routers to verify where the issue is and it all points back to Telkom. I am helpless I do not know where to turn. I pay Telkom for the service yet there is none. I cannot even escalate this so I continue to log the faults and Telkom continues to clear them as resolved without my knowledge confirmation or consent. Is there anyone who knows how I can escalate this and get some service from TELKOM. There is no other ADSL supplier in our area.

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Re: No service from Telkom 5 MONTHS NOW



We have been trying to transfer a landline number for 5 / 6 months.


We are PAYING for the monthly rental, but NO phone service. We were then told we need to dig a trence for undrground cables ( private contractor ) at HUGE expence - and now the wait continues ...like you, we get sms messages that a technicians is calling - but NO BODY comes !!! 


Service NON EXISTENT !!!!

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Re: No service from Telkom 5 MONTHS NOW

@Wayne @Sumner


Have ya'll tried the other channels available 


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