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No service or assistance on billing and technical.

Good day. The issue I'm having with Telkom has been going on for far too long and I have been very patient till now. I have requested a new landline via online in the beginning of June this year. Didn't hear from Telkom and Wednesday the 18th of July i went to a Telkom store to request once again. On Monday the 23rd i received 2 sms's. One saying my service number is ready for use and will be billed pro-rata and the other message, welcoming me to Telkom internet. I also received a call the same day and the consultant (from open serve) said they would like to do the installation the following day or on the Wednesday. I had serious commitments the entire week and could not stay at home waiting for a technician to pitch. I asked the consultant to call me back in 5 minutes so that i can find out if my wife could probably see her way open to stay at home. Being in a senior position she took leave for the Wednesday. The consultant assured me that the technician would be there first thing Wednesday morning. Didn't hear from Telkom or Open serve or a technician that Wednesday. No call, no technician, zero. No landline or service provided by Telkom for The remaining of July, August, September and only on  Monday the 15th of October a Open Serve consultant called again to set an appointment for the following Monday the 22nd. Luckily our son was studying for his finals and he was at home. To my surprise, i got a message from my son saying that the technician was there and he had left the ADSL router on the dining table. Not even a minute later i received a sms saying my account has been suspended due to collection. I only managed to buy a cordless phone the following day and took the router out of the box, connecting it. Now, and this is where i am getting a bit more than gatvol and irritated with the way Telkom is managing things. Friday the 26th i received my Telkom statement in my postbox and the amount due is R1591.74. On the 5th of November i received a sms saying my services are ready for use but actually still suspended. The router is not setup so that you can connect to the internet and when you dial a service number for assistance it only replies with the make a payment voice recording. I have since then spent more than 3 hours on my cellphone with about 6 different consultants, been to the Telkom shop 3 times where you cant get any service and the consultants are having private conversations with another rather then assisting you and nothing has been done to make me a satisfied customer from Telkom's side. Not once have i lost my cool with a consultant on the phone as we all know what will happen. They will just cut the call. I only want an amount, a correct and fair statement from Telkom and my internet connected so that the services that was rendered to me will justify the amount on the statement. Is there anyone at Telkom that could resolve this frustrating matter. You want my money, i want service.
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Re: No service or assistance on billing and technical.

Raydk72, we need a class action to adress these things.  I am commenting here to encourage folk to find a way that we can report matters and hold people/departments acountable.  There lies the issue.  Myself over the last 8 weeks of utter frustration I have still not been told anything besides "matter being attended to", for heavens sake - how can one report something and expect it not to be attended to?  My question is have these people actually got an IT centre with servers, technicians etc?  Or have they subcontracted that out as I have been given at least three emails of departments supposedly dealing with email issues?  This lot are no different to ESKOM besides the fact they have barackaded themselves so well you cannot reach anyone to find out even if their staff have piutched up for work.


The Telkom walk in stores are a waste of time, they do not even have a telephone number listed - same thing as the rest of telkom you end up at some other central number.  You have to go there, like luring fish with bate in the hope you'll sign up for something.  This is all so wrong and abussive towards we the paying public.


Please anyone that has means of creating a way to change their manner of operation regards customer care - our issues different as they may be all have a common cause that being this dysfunctional company knows there is no acountability for anything at any level,

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