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Nothing short of Useless

I had my ADSL line installed on Monday, Later that evening when I called support to help set up I was told I need to get a TIN to activate my account. I tried in the day to get a hold of telkom and was told they are offline and to try later. Eventually when the systems were up and got my TIN. Called support and was told I need a username and password from sales. Called on Wednesday and also offline most of the day. Eventually received my usernamer and password. Called support and was told my order is still open and needs to be closed off before they can assist. and I need to wait till Tuesday..SERIOUSLY, Do your staff not know the process after a line jas been activated? Surely they know from my calls that I need my line acticated. Could they not do a quick check to see if all was in order, instead of me calling more than 5 times a day everyday this week.  And I am still not able to activate my line. 

What does one have to do to get proper service we are paying for?  Could you please have this issue resolved before the weekend.

Order Number : 291733583A

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Re: Nothing short of Useless

Hi @alanc


Sorry to see what’s happening to you .  Beyond frustrating that Telkom call centres didn’t help. 

We’re customers in the community so I’m afraid we can’t help with service issues ( Telkom won’t see your post here).


Our internet was activated by 10210 tech dept as soon as we had the TIN number / username / password , so ‘ wait till Tuesday’ sounds like BS .  If you’re still battling try them again - the website says they operate over weekend :-

When is it best to contact Telkom customer care?

“during business hours or after 8pm on weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays.’


You might even find they’ve activated the line without telling you ; try a router reboot just n case - this link might be useful for set up :-  http://www.telkom.co.za/today/media/downloads/Telkom_Consumer_welcome_booklet.pdf


Then if still no joy message a complaint to a Telkom media support team below and email the same to support@telkom.co.za for decent feedback & results. Include details of your previous call centre enquiries - 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope they connect you soon. Good luck - please let us know what happens.

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