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Office365 - Onedrive throttled?

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I got Office365 which offers a cloud storage. I started backing up my files to the cloud Onedrive but this throlled my download speed from 3.51 Mbps to 0.1Mbps?!


I could not recall any such throttling with Google Drive nor Dropbox... Is this a mistake of service prioritisation by Telkom (my ISP) or another problem with the Onedrive service?


Who else is with Telkom and Office365 and do you have such problems?







Posts: 2

Re: Office365 - Onedrive throttled?

Thanx to MickZA on mybroadband.co.za for helping me fix this one. Onedrive (unlike Google Drive and Dropbox) does not have a QOS built in to limit upload speed. When the upload speed is maxed out, the notifiers (to send next set of downlaod data) sent with download data cannot be sent back because the upload pipe full, hence no more download is received. The download will only resume if the notifiers of previous sent data is received.


The practice is to limit upload speed for any service to ensure it does not hog all the available bandwidth.


see post here: http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/544781-TelkomZA?p=16650743&viewfull=1#post16650743

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