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Open serv create a problem and now i cant get the fault resolved

On 27 March 2020 - I lodged a fault for my slow internet connction. fault no: 32958441

On 1 April 2020 - Open serve technician came to my home and said " Telkom is no longer repairing copper lines and changing customers to LTE" I said " it okay as long as it work and charge remains the same." Technician installed new LTE modem and then tested it and observed that the internet connection speed is extremly slow and the connection was not reliable. He then put back the ADSL modem and request Telkom account to change back. He left and every thing was working. A week later the internet just dropped and also noticed that the telephone ID call was no longer working.

On 4 April 2020 - i lodge new fault for no internet service. fault no: 32958441. I have been calling since then and spoke to a number of people and departments from Service, Accounts to Sales. Only person i can get hold of is Service and sales just goes through a automatic answering service telling you to go online? I have spent hours on the phone with responds. I am currently beyound angry.

On 22 April 2020 - I got some assistance from techncial surport who tried trouble shooting over the phone. He explained my account shows LTE yet im using ADSL he could not help in chaing my acount. He had esculated the fault. fault no: 54109.

On 23 April 2020 - I called to find out when is the technician is coming out. the serice call centre explained to me that NO technician will come out because im on LTE. " Now see my frustration - Open serve create a problem and now im having to deal with all this BS from Telkom" I spoke to Sonaapile Nkohla from accounts who could not help and that i had to call Sales which you cant get hold off!????

On 24 April 2020 - Called service centre and spoke to Nokubonea Danti who i had to explain my story for the 10th time whom still could not help. I ask for a manager and she said she can email the supervisor to call. I said that telkom need to sort this mess as i didnt create it. she could not email account or sales to switch my account to ADSL and neither i can get hold of them. the supervisor Sanda Dimaza has not called me.


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