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Ordering system not allowing higher speed

Hi ll,


Have a strange problem - perhaps somebody has a solution?


I have been able to sync at 8Mb for over 2 years - and since our community exchange has been upgraded recently for Fibre, I'm able to sync on 20Mb on ADSL2+ with 100% stability. This was confirmed by numerous Telkom technicians, and also tested over a period to confirm it's 100% stable - my router even tells me what speed I can sync at  - the billing system however has not been updated in 2 years and this loop continues - I can get the high speed, but Telkom is unable to "sell" it to me -


Escletad numerous times etc...


Any advice?

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Re: Ordering system not allowing higher speed

@IguBu - update your profile with your ADSL number so we can direct this to a sales team to investigate that.

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