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PAULPIETERSBURG KZN needs upgrade but Telkom does nothing

We are experiencing VERY SLOW internet reception.


As a Bookkeeping Business we are unable to do e-Filing on SARS's website which is of utmost importants to us to have internet access at all times.


Our DSL modem is funtioning normal and our data is up to date.


According to our IT guy there is no internet/modem problem from the Service Provider but that Telkom is not giving any assisstant to provide customer service regarding internet connetion in Paulpietersburg.


We know for a fact that there is people in Paulpietersburg KZN having the same fault with very slow internet connetions to none.


Always the same story.


We also know for a fact that Paulpietersburg need an upgrade and nothing is being done.

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Re: PAULPIETERSBURG KZN needs upgrade but Telkom does nothing



If there is a fault that multiple users are complaining about, you should try and make contact with Telkom on the channels below. If there is a fault for the exchange area, whether it's cable related or congestion, Telkom will have a reference reported for it.

It would be best for those affected to report a fault


•Facebook: TelkomZA

•Twitter: @HelloTelkom

•Chat to an Agent (an online chat with a Telkom representitive)

•Reporta fault via SMS: SMS "SERVICE" and your landline number to 30591.

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Re: PAULPIETERSBURG KZN needs upgrade but Telkom does nothing

There is more than one person complaining in Paulpietersburg. Calls are made to Telkom. Everytime the same thing. There is nothing wrong with the telephone lines. The internet is SLOW even with 4G speed. Agent's can only reset ADSL and port and if they cannot find fault there then a line is reported. If nothing is find on any of the two then they don't know further. Please tell HEADOFFICE Paulpietersburg town need UPGRADE!

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