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Hi there Telkom....Please can you assist..as we speak im been waiting 20 mins to answer n 10210Smiley Sad...for the last 2 weeks..my ping/latency has ranged anywhere between 150ms to 479ms...in teh past it was always 44ms or leven less..I cannot game on this and this is the reason why i have adsl in the first place..my dl speed is also quite a lot less recently.Please can you investigate as the guys at the call centre say the line could be congested..My no starts with 011475-26..Please can you help.. 

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@STORMERSFAN Stormers fan in Joburg? Glad to see fans all over. Too many Crusaders fans down here in Cape Town.


About your ADSL, I would log a fault and wait for a tech to repair a possible fault. There is a chance that your line is being optimised by Telkom's ASSIA system, but that usually only adds up to 32ms to your latency and improves the overall experience. There could be a fault in this case



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Thank you..im hoping that someone called CHARL who everybody has been raving about can contact meSmiley Happy..i also have a ref no which was logged last night..1227CRK170216-

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If you have a landline I  suggest you call them everyday if you dont they ignore you. Calls from Landline & Telkom sim cards are for free so you can sit and wait for atleast 30 min plus before they anser any way.


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