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PPPOE test failing on setup.

advice help needed Smiley Sad, recently after having slow internet connection (got apparently 0.40mb download speed on a 4mb adsl line, which i have logged a fault for) for a few days and after this an adjustment was made to the service by a agent of 10210, since then no interent at all, I have been trouble shooting with multiple agents and  logging faults to no avail of any solution, resetting passwords and resetting accounts/hard resetting router etc still no resolution, the problem is in fact with the setup on the router on wizard and failing before even entering username and password, having being told 'pppoe' is related to user credentials (as in internet passwords) but this has been reset multiple times with different agents, so this is frustating. The internet light has been off ever since, its really annoying that no one can come to clear understanding of what happened and why?

PS. its the huawei router Telkom Huawei HG532f Router. Any help would be appreciated

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Re: PPPOE test failing on setup.

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If your Internet access is too poor then it will fail the PPPoE authentication because it can't talk to the mothership successfully.


Can you take this router to a friend's home to see if it works there?

Is your landline working with no crackling?

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Re: PPPOE test failing on setup.

Thank you. I will try that. But I was told some technician is working on
the line but will try that just to be sure.
The phone lines is working perfectly no noise no cutting.
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