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Pathetic Internet connection

For the past 3-4 weeks my ADSL line has been utter trash. At any given time the internet will spike from 50+ ms (Normal) to over 200+ ms on a good day and every 10 or so minutes over 3 000+ ms. Makeing playing online games Like CS:GO impossible and using the internet for things like YouTube, Instagram or downloads not possible. I have called Telkom multiple times where they restart my Ports with no results. Sometimes when the ping spikes in the thousands and I try to open Google Chrome an error message pops up telling me that "There is an unusual amount of packets being sent through your connection." and makes me do a recaptcha to make sure than I am "not a robot". This leads me to believe that my internet connection among everyone in my area`s connection is used as a peer to peer connection whitch is just terrible.

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