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Pathetic Serivce, Overcharging, could not care about recitfying their mistakes!!!

I have recently moved, and need to have my fibre service cancelled at my olkd address and moved to my new address, what does Telkom do? charge me for both. to add insult to all of this, they charge me for a landline which i SPECIFICALLY told them not to activate / install, and then the account dept tells me to pay up or i will have my service suspended, go ahead, suspend it. Invoice me correctly and i will pay correctly.

I have requested the cancellation 4 times, and to one specific person, i have resent the email 3 times, evey time i cc the servcancellation address, that makes 7 requests since the 10th of November and NOTHING has been done. The matter was supposed to be escalated, but seems like the team leaders are just as useless, or just could not give a **bleep** about their customers. Question is, who is willing to help and has the authority to do so? Seems like no one in Telkom can or wants to do anything. Quick to send an invoice, utterly useless in rectifying their mistakes.

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