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Pathetic company

I placed an order to upgrade my 4mb ADSL service to 20mb VDSL on the 21st Novemeber at the Telkom Shop in Middelburg Mall. Their system/network was down and all technical staff was at some training, so they requested I return the next day to sign the application.


I returned two days later and was informed that there is no record of my order and it had to be re-done. Once again the system/network was down and they completed a physical form on which I sighned. I was told that I will be contacted with 48hours with the detail of the order.


On 27 November, with no contact from Telkom, I phoned 10213 to followup on my order. I was again informed that there was no order and that it had to be captured. I received a ref no and was told order is placed.


On 5 Decemeber I followed up on my order, and were told that there is one active order for me, but that it was placed on the 5th of December. Apparently all previous orders were now showing, but were cancelled by the system due to incorrect information and a consultant opened the new order with the correct informtaion. I was never contacted or asked for any new/additional info!!!!!!!! They also stated that Telkom now has 7 days to attend to this order and I should not call before then.


I've followed up on the 11th, 13th and today (15th). Nothing has happened to this order. Only appologies and excuses of system failures!!!!!! After hours of waiting for service and discussions with 'consultatnts', I have nowhere to escalate my problem to!!!!!!!


Telkom is the most pathetic company I've come accross on this globe!!!! They do not even atend to new orders that will increase their profits!!!!! They should be removed from existance and make way for companies that can actually run businesses effectively!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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