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Phone line stone dead

I have a 4mb uncapped ADSL line which is starting to frustrate the hell out of me,

It seems that I am the only one experiencing this problem in my area (Heuweloord) as I have

family living a block away from me and they don't experience this problem with exactly the same setup.

What happens is the following, the line just goes dead, i'm fine with this as I know that problems occur,

what i'm not fine with is the fact that once the main problem has been fixed in the area my line is still

defective (Down) and i'm having difficulty understanding this. I've been experiencing this problem since last October,

the line came up in the 2nd week of January when Telkoim eventually decided to send a technician out to my premises.

Everytime I log a call I get a message stating cable theft, how is this possible if it simply takes 5 minutes for the technician to rectify the problem. Absolutely ridiculous.


I'm hoping for telkom to respond to this post with a sustainable solution to the problem.



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Re: Phone line stone dead

@Jitzy01 this site is for us members to share our knowledge and help each other. Telkom is not manning this with service agents.


That said, there is a strong possibility that your line has a fault on that affects yourself individually, as well as the problem of theft/breakage on a cable that affects your area. A PSTN network is quite complex and a technician will have to repair your fault, sometimes needing a few attempts to find a defect that keeps causing your line to drop service. (kneedle in the hay stack)

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