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Please help with ADSL line

Hi, Ive had problems now for a few months with my adsl line, Im on a 4mbps service but im only getting 2.5 mbps, my router says that I can get a maximum speed of 6800 kbps (Max attainable speed), ive been on 4mbps for about 2 years now, everything ran fine at max speed, and 2 months ago I got speeds of 6 - 7 mbps when I  was on a 8mbps service, Now I cant even get 4 mbps. phone number 018 786 3418


Here is all the line information


ADSL Router Results (Telkom Exchange to Your Location)

DSLAM Results (Your Location to Telkom Exchange)


Someone Please help

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Re: Please help with ADSL line

Hi @John_Loubser - I would caution against posting personal info - edit your number out.  Might result in some unwanted attention....  always use PM for that type of info.


Your upstream attentuation is a worry ... do you know how far you are from the DSLAM exchange?  At 51.5 that would mean you are almost 4.0 km away, and the max you can get is 4 mbps, pretty much what you said below.  That is under ideal circumstances, but if you have any issues on the line - like your low upstream SNR  you will feel it immediately.


To address SNR, start with POTS filter, then all extension cables, then the phone instrument... lastly get Telkom tech to check cables ....

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Re: Please help with ADSL line

try contacting Telkom via facebook or twitter @HelloTelkom or call 10210

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Re: Please help with ADSL line

Unfortunately Telkom are unable to offer a continuous service and as the demand for Internet Access grows they are unable or unwilling to respond.  I have just joined this group and am of the opinion that it was formed by Telkom to diver calls away from their response centre, since they NEVER respond to phone calls.  Even  now, I find that I will be lucky if this message can be delivered as access is so slow or non existant, and internet access is hardly ever avaiable long enough or fast enough to remain connected.  I too am considering other options, as it does not matter how cheap a service offer is, if there is no service, it becomes the most expensive.

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Re: Please help with ADSL line

Hi @RhAM. We have other options to report Service related issues. Please check out - 


Should you wish to speak to Telkom, we have a few option to suit your needs.

  • Contact us on our Social Media Channels
  • Chat to an Agent (an online chat with a Telkom representitive)
  • Reporta fault via SMS:    SMS "SERVICE" and your landline number to 30591. (SMS at no charge.)
  • Call the Call Center
    • Mobile: 081180 (free from a Telkom Mobile phone)
    • Home:   Sales - 10213  & Service - 10120 (free from a Telkom landline)
    • Business: Sales - 10213 & Service - 10217 (free from a Telkom landline)
  • Email us
  • Find a Store



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