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Please reinstate our service after negligence from Menzi Magubane

I’m not sure if anyone else has been through this type of situation however this is something I require urgent help with.

On the 6th of September Vumatel came through and installed our CPE device.

On the 9th of September. I ordered our package online. I chose to retain telkom as the service provider because I had an email account that is my primary email for the past 12 years and it’s extremely important to me.

On the 12th of September a Zyxel Router was delivered to us. I was then instructed to login on the telkom website and then cancel off the ADSL. I put in a note stating that we are cancelling our ADSL but retaining telkom as the ISP and that we are moving over to FIBRE.

I called in the sales department and was told that a technician will be despatched to us once the order has become active on their end.

I made several calls checking to see whether the service was approved as well.
We received an email as well stating that our Fibre package wasn’t approved.

I called in and the sales team indicated that the message was sent in error.

On 3rd October I called in asking when a technician is being dispatched and I was told that only when the ADSL is removed from our profile that we then can make use of our FIBRE.

I then spoke to a supervisor and he cancelled off the ADSL immediately.

I was told that no technician is dispatched and that I should call in technical within 24 hrs to configure the router.

The technicians couldn’t configure the router and I then spoke to a supervisor on October 11th and he was able to get our connection up and running.

On October 16 I noticed that my emails stopped coming through and that an account error was indicated.

The fault team indicated that our TIN number was greyed out on the system and that only the sales team can clarify.

I then called into the Sales team and they indicated that our TIN was cancelled mistakenly and that they would contact the sales assistant who cancelled the service and he replied with no valid reason.

From the 16th of october to the 30,I called the sales team everyday with each person providing contradicting feedback.

On October 30 I was provided Martha’s direct number

A sales consultant told me that Menzi Magubane cancelled off our services without reading our notes on the system and that we were already on FIBRE and there was no need to cancel any service as the ADSL was cancelled on the 3rd of October.

The sales team contacted Menzi and Tozamansofwa his Manager and both don’t wish to comment on the matter.

On the 31st Themba was assigned to our case because a new TIN was assigned to us with the email being activated however the shock and horror all 40000 emails of mine were deleted off the server. Emails containing important information pertaining to my chronic health condition of 9 years such as scans,blood test results,reports,responses from medical doctors abroad and so forth.

He promised that our case was high priority and that our fibre package that we had would be added onto our profile and that he would make sure that they retrieve my 40000 emails.

Menzi Magubane was negligent and hasn’t made any contact to apologize nor has his manager Tozamansofwa

On November 7th Monica called me and stated that she was told that we want our ADSL service activated and that’s the complete and utter nonsense.

We just want our Fibre package added as it was and I want my emails back

Can anyone please shed some light on this matter going forth.

For the past 26 days,we haven’t had access to the internet and 26 days of contacting Telkom with no concrete help. Just empty promises.

Disgusted at the poor service delivery.
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Re: Please reinstate our service after negligence from Menzi Magubane

Please add 600 GB 50mbps/5mbps Fibre package.

It was linked on TIN 1296773

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Re: Please reinstate our service after negligence from Menzi Magubane

HI @Elikar


 So sorry to see what’s happened to you and wish I could share more hopeful news re your missing mail history,  but our Telkom mailbox was also wiped during fibre upgrade. The ‘old’ mailbox was never retrieved,  we now use alternative primary mail provider.

Unfortunately we can’t help with service issues ( we’’re customers in the forum) and Telkom won’t see your post here. 


Try messaging a detailed complaint  to a Telkom social media support team ( below) for decent feedback & response within 48 hours. Include your TIN numbers ( old & new), contract details,  all refs / dates, and names of the relevant Telkom agents previously contacted. Also request confirmation of your Telkom user name and password - usually changed for contract upgrade.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza

and/or email to


Then if no acceptable resolution is found you may want to consider submitting a formal complaint to ICASA :-


Must add that we battled with similar frustrations for a couple of weeks and lost all email history during fibre upgrade, but we've had zero issues with Telkom fibre for +1 year now. 


Hope this helps you get connected soon , good luck  - please do let us know what happens .


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