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Poor ADSL line quality in Randburg

We live in Randburg, which should be one of the top customer based areas in jhb along with bryanston and linden. Why is it that Telkom has not upgraded the infrastructure accordingly? The highest line speed available to buy is 4Mb, and the line quality is so bad that our entire neighbourhood have trouble getting actual line speeds of more than 2Mb. I am certain we will have fibre installed in our neighbourhood by on of your competitors before Telkom wakes up and upgrades their infrastructure. 

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Re: Poor ADSL line quality in Randburg

i registered my interest in fibre on the new Openserve website - http://openserve.co.za/open/


holding thumbs that I get fibre soon, hear they want to put in 1 million fibre lines in the next year or 2

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Re: Poor ADSL line quality in Randburg

Have you ever tried to apply for a 10Mbps line? 


I once stayed in an area that Telkom said won't support 10Mbps, however... I did the upgrade and it was fine? 


I know how frustrating it is to not get what you want Smiley Sad Especially poor internet! 

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Re: Poor ADSL line quality in Randburg

Yip. The technicians said the option is not even available. Our line attenuation is horrible due to very bad line and exchange maintenance. They just don't care
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