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Poor Ping/Download speed

Hi Please Help.


For the last 5 months i have swapped through 3 ISPs with no success.


I have even changed my router 4 times Hauwei,Dlink,Billion(Current) no joy.


My problem is once a week i need to phone in to reset my port to rectify my ping of 150 and download of around 5mb on a ten meg line.

After reset ping goes back to normal of 60 online in gaming and i have noticed this happening to other gamers in my area. My adsl pakage is a 200gb capped acount to avoid throttling or shapping on a ten meg line speed. I know for a fact it is not other users at home using up the bandwidth due to my own home network being a gigabit managed network which i setup.


I believe this issue is due to the contention ratio in my area as about 7-8 months ago i had no issues with gaming and download speeds,this isnt an isp issue as even with telkom as my isp i had the same problem, hence the reason i moved to two other ISPs. I would like a perminant solution and not a temp fix.Currently phoning once a week to reset my port which lasts for 4-6 days before ping goes up and downloads decrease.


Fibre is not in my area yet , so 10mb capped is the best gaming package for me so far .this is highly frustrating paying for a service im not getting, Please note after port reset all issues are fixed but this cant be done everyweek.


Please advise.

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Re: Poor Ping/Download speed

@GnrlM, not sure if it is contention ratio if it corrects its self after a reset? When the ping is high, what is your SNR and Attenuation? What is your router sync rate at the time?


My experience is if you ask for a reset, they will do a reset, but you would need to keep logging faults for a permanent fix.

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